Our Hero Comic's new card game based on an ancient game of people manipulation

All the cards are hand stamped based on original designs I created. The calligraphy is also done by hand. THE POINT OF THE GAME IS TO CHEAT. The images are meant to interpret the character archetypes used in the game. All the cards have implications like this but it is better to let the gamers interpret the designs. Not only will this allow for more RPG in the game but reveals how your friends and you feel about these archetypes.


It is the most relaxing thing on the internet: an entire video culture based on relaxing people using voices to give tingles and chills. Join us in this relaxing and educational video in which documentarian Mike Fallek creates an ASMR video while interviewing popular ASMR creators at the same time. This video is sure to relax you and teach you about the secret internet world of ASMR. Available FREE on Amazon Prime or with ads


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